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What motivates people to work?

Work that contributes to the betterment of our citizens. Challenging work, trust among management and co-workers, personal responsibility. Promotion, award, and benefits that include healthcare, and a means of saving for the future.

What is Ronald's plan if elected to the US Congress?

Ronald will bring critical thinking skills, a reliable account of history which is reflective of our country’s diversity of cultures, and races. Ronald will work to bring new ideas, a passion for a functioning federal government, and a return to federalism that is not perfect, but effective, efficient, and regains the trust of the citizens of the United States. Ronald recognizes that the headwinds against any change in the two-party system of governing will be difficult, require patience, persistence, and courage. Ronald believes impossible is nothing. Ronald will work to motivate people to relieve themselves of the burdens of their history, and connect with those who seek prosperity, not greed, true peace, not false security, and community above self. Ronald believes in the principles of work, honesty, and integrity, and will apply these concepts in all his duties.

Are there any benefits for first-time voters?

Yes. It is clear to Ronald that our government at the federal level is not functioning as the government the writers of the US Constitution envisioned. Ronald offers the first time voter the opportunity to experience an effective, efficient, government using todays technology, science, and historical principles.   Gridlock, party politics, greed for power, continue to shut down our government. We face a pandemic, rising debt, and racial strife among our citizens. Members of our courts are being selected for partisan reasons. Members of the senate use partisan tactics to derail qualified  nominees of the opposite political party. Our military is being used to stop citizens protest, to participate in politically motivated parades, and events, while our law enforcement community is being bashed by our citizens and politized by our political leaders. THIS MUST STOP. We need new Leaders!!!

Open Sign

Ronald Brown for US Congress 7th District Tennessee Welcomes You


The idea of Ronald Brown for US Congress 7th District Tennessee began over fifty-six years ago. Ronald watched and witness the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s and was inspired by leaders such as John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Malcom X, and Martin King, as well as Lyndon Johnson. Throughout his life Ronald has not accepted what many describe as politics, but instead replaces the word politics with the term’s relationships, governing, and sacrifice.  Other leaders who inspired Ronald along with their actions are: Ronald Reagan, who pulled US forces out of Lebanon remarking," If they don't want us there, we will leave; George Bush Sr.'s wisdom to stop the war with Iraq, after removing Saddam from Kuwait. Barrack Obama's attempt at providing healthcare to all US citizens at a cost. It is the latter events and leaders that motivate and inspire Ronald today. Ronald parents, his sibling and in-laws played a very important role in molding and shaping Ronald's worldview.  It is in memory of Eula Brown, Ronald beloved grandmother, that Ronald kept the promise he made to Eula Brown, 56 years ago, that promise was to complete his education and use his skills to help others.


Our Thoughts



October 5, 2020

Family is and should be the measure used to determine the strength of the the United States financial health, education, and medical needs. Family is America.


October 5, 2020

In the eyes of the creator freedom is free, because freedom originates from the creator not government, nor man. The creator in creating man instilled in man the ability to choose, but within limits, in order to build societies and harmony among cultures. Limitations on freedom do not limit freedoms. Instead individual limitations enhance the ability to fully practice freedoms given by the creator. The discharge of said freedoms require cooperation, an acknowledgment of our fellow men and women, and that selfishness, bigotry, and idolatry do not build villages, communities, or countries, instead such behavior destroys, villages, communities and nations.

"E Pluribus Unum, " Out of One many."


Nation, Communities, Villages

October 5, 2020

The communities aligned in the pink area of the map above are the communities my family and I wish to represent. We as a family feel connected to the people of these villages, in terms of agriculture, law and order, clean air and water, energy use, and security.


Father, Public Servant, Leader

"E Pluribus Unum"

As a candidate for District 7th Tennessee, Ronald brings to government, knowledge, sincerity, and integrity.  Ronald, at age 7 was inspired to run for elected office. John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Malcolm X, Martin King, and those of like mind set the spark that lights his passion to form a government that is reliable, credible, and passionate about good governance. Ronald has prepared himself for a seat in the US Congress. Ronald earned all the formal education our country offers, from Associate of Science to Doctorate. Ronald served in the Armed Forces and in the Department of Veterans Affairs. Ronald has three boys, Ronald Jr., Thomas, and Lucas, and one daughter, Laquita. Ronald is happily married to Maridel C Brown.


Colored History

Ronald was born in 1957, at 510 East 7th Street, Columbia, Tennessee 37040. Ronald was born on the same location , but three years after the closure of the Colored Hospital on 7th Street in Columbia, TN


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